Coaching Services

Coaching differs from counseling in the following ways:

  • It focuses on a specific goal, for example, satisfaction at work, a career transition or leadership skill development
  • In general, when I coach I am more challenging of my clients.  If they engage me to coach them, they are giving me permission to challenge them to step out of their comfort zone so that they can reach specific goals.
  • While many challenges in life can be tied to unhealthy thinking patterns, coaching addresses goals that are not directly about getting healthier mentally, reducing anxiety or relieving depression. Coaching assumes a fairly healthy level of functioning.

Leadership Development

There is leadership development potential in everyone – the potential to step into higher levels of responsibility and to exercise, in a healthy and effective way, the power of leading others.  Where are you stalled around leadership? Just getting started? Already leading people and want to be more effective? I can help you:

  • Define your leadership growth edge – what are you bumping up against that prevents you from being the leader you want to be?
  • Learn where you’re playing it small and what the obstacles are to reaching your potential.
  • Create opportunities for getting feedback on your leadership strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identifying your leadership “shadow”, that is, the needs and motivations which, unexamined, can sabotage your success.

Work Life Success

We spend so much of our time at our jobs, so often feeling discontent.  Should you “bloom where you’re planted”, or is it actually time for a change?  I can coach you toward greater fulfillment at work by helping you:

  • Learn how to get more of what you want by tapping into the motivations of others
  • Learn to “manage up” and find the “win/win” in even the most challenging work culture
  • Discover your strengths so you can leverage them for success
  • Assess what holds you back from going for what you want

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