I am offering telehealth sessions using proprietary software, much like Zoom, that is completely private and secure. Blue Cross Blue Shield has covered telehealth sessions since the start of the pandemic in 2020, just as they have covered in-person counseling sessions. However, there is no guarantee they will continue to do so. Fingers crossed, because it’s a viable and convenient way to engage in the therapy process.

Teletherapy has felt surprisingly positive for the majority of my clients and I believe it has been just as effective as in-person sessions for most clients. I recommend people not put off counseling because they’re unsure about telehealth.  We can make a solid, effective connection on-line and absolutely help you meet your goals for counseling without meeting in person.

About meeting in-person in my office:  I am currently seeing most people in my office as long as they, and I, do not have any COVID-19-like symptoms.  My office is large enough to socially distance.  While I am willing for us both to not wear masks at this time, I am willing to wear a mask if you want me to do so. 

Contact me with any questions you might have about telehealth, or therapy in general, at 312-925-3620.  If I don’t pick up, please leave a message and I’ll call you back within 48 hours and typically sooner.