Pornography Addiction

Pornography is a powerful substance and its use is addictive.  The popular culture makes it seem like a benign part of our world, that most people use it, nobody gets hurt, and it’s just another option on the menu of sexual choices available today.  These are lies. Pornography hurts people…it hurts users, it hurts marriages, it hurts families.

Whether you believe you are an “addict” or not, if you’re using pornography and you’re ready to stop, I can help in the following ways:

  • Educate you on the impact of pornography use on your ability to have a satisfying sexual relationship with another person
  • Educate you about additional resources available to help you
  • Identify what led to the addiction and how it may be connected to anxiety, depression or trauma in your background
  • Walk through establishing a support network – because you can’t do this alone.
  • Identify triggers to temptation, and what it is you might be medicating with pornography use
  • Establish healthy habits that build resilience against relapse